Gallery Staff at De Novo Fine Contemporary Jewelry in Palo Alto
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About us

About us cherry 9 100p

Cherry LeBrun

Cherry is the owner of de novo, which she opened in 1990. The gallery is an outgrowth of her lifelong interest in fine arts and crafts. She is devoted to showing the finest in contemporary jewelry, focusing on excellence in design, originality, innovation, and craftsmanship.

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Andrea Marx

Andrea joined de novo in 2012. She was trained as a goldsmith in Germany and has a very creative and adventurous approach to the art of jewelry making. She is also a skilled photographer, does our website photography, and manages our jewelry inventory.

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Monique Ulas

Monique joined de novo in 2012. She has a life long love of jewelry. She takes great pleasure in working with customers and sharing with them the wonderful array of jewelry at de novo.

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Natsumi Mori

Nastumi joined de novo in 2012. She is a sculptor and has taken jewelry courses at the Revere Academy in San Francisco. She has great enthusiasm for the world of contemporary jewelry.

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Caitlin Wolf

Caitlin joined de novo in 2016. She has a great appreciation for the jewelry we show and the artists we represent. She has fun modeling different pieces each day while she works in the gallery.

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Josette Selim

Josette joined de novo in 2016. Her family owned a jewelry business when she was growing up, so she has been surrounded by jewelry her whole life. Having also worked in retail sales, being at de novo is completely natural for her.