Parking at De Novo Fine Contemporary Jewelry in Palo Alto
Fine Contemporary Jewelry


In addition to street parking, the following public parking lots are within 3 blocks of de novo:

  1. Beneath de novo on Ramona.
  2. Beneath the City Hall on Ramona and on Bryant.
  3. Hamilton at Waverley.
  4. Emerson near University.
  5. High near University.
  6. Emerson and High, between University and Lytton.
  7. Emerson at Lytton.
  8. Ramona, between University and Lytton.
  9. Alma, between University and Hamilton.
  10. Bryant, between University and Lytton.

If you are simply picking up a prior purchase, you can avoid parking by calling us on your cell phone as you drive up to the Ramona Street gallery entrance. We will bring your purchase out to your car on Ramona Street.